Gottlieb Charlies Angels Restoration Project

This one is about to start……hopefully should begin this one late april 2020. Machine is not going and in really bad shape…lots of water damage and corrosion….but I enjoy a challenge! Should have this started just after Anzac day hopefully.

update august 2020….

This project has now been completed and machine is now working well…project summary below:

  • mpu board not booting – replaced with Lisy1 board
  • power supply board worked briefly and then lost 60v output – 5v ok
  • replaced 60v futaba displays (which did work) with 5v led displays
  • rebuilt driver board (replaced one faulty transistor)
  • sound/tones board burnt out (555 chips) faulty parts replaced
  • cabinet and head resprayed with new stenciled artwork as original

to restore to absolute original condition:

  • replace faulty caps on power supply board to restore 60v
  • re-install original blue futaba score displays
  • replace faulty ttl chips on original mpu board