Gottlieb Torch Restoration Project

This restoration of a 1980 Gottlieb System 1 Torch Pinball began with its purchase in March 2019. This machine was found on ebay and was more or less complete and working but in really poor condition overall. While doing some initial research on this particular machine I found several youtube clips where it was featured as an ex bumper action amusements machine. This particular machine was found to have been imported into Australia from France which required some of the electricals to be modified on the bottom transformer board to suit Australian standards. The restoration itself was started in early April 2019 and took around 5 months to finish, mainly due to availability of replacement parts etc. One of the main features of this restoration was the installation of a new LED Display prototype that i designed specifically for the gottlieb system 1. This is a really great machine to play for a system 1…one of my favorites for sure.