Gottlieb System 1 LED Displays

As Gottlieb System 1 machines get older it is becoming increasingly harder to keep their original displays operational. The installation of new LED Displays to your System 1 Pinball can solve this problem.

With the replacement of the original Gottlieb MPU Board and Score Displays the Gottlieb Small transformer and Power Supply board is now no longer required. A LISY1 MPU Board or similar installed in your System1 Pinball with these 5v LED Score Displays and a simple 5v Arcade power supply can bring your old Gottlieb System 1 Pinball back to life!

This is the perfect solution for Gottlieb System1 pinballs that no longer have a working small transformer or power supply board!

These displays will still work with your Original System1 MPU Board and power supply, just connect them to the power supply 5v output using our optional display interface board. You can even replace all those old system 1 edge connectors with new ribbon cable to connect to our displays via the included 16pin display header ports on each display. No more re-pinning old edge connectors!

See below clip of LED Displays installed in Close Encounters using Display Adapters and Ribbon Cabling. Displays are powered by a cheap Arcade Power Supply located in bottom cabinet (small transformer is not used because MPU Board in this example only requires 5v)

Clip Below shows LED Displays installed in a Torch using existing cabling and powered by 5v coming directly from original Gottlieb Power Supply. Demonstration of Green LED displays in use.

See our latest Gottlieb System 1 Score Display pictured below…this display currently being tested on a LISY1 MPU board.

Pictured below is the Matching System 1 Status Display

LED Displays pictured below installed in Charlies Angels.


Order 6 Digit LED Score Display from link below

PCB from=From pcbway


Order 4 Digit Credit Status Display from link below

PCB from=From pcbway


LED Display Notes


LED Displays Parts Lists

Order System1 LED Display Interface from link below

PCB from=From pcbway

Order System1 MPU Display Adapter J2 from link below

PCB from=From pcbway

Order System1 MPU Display Adapter J3 from link below

PCB from=From pcbway



System1 LED Display Interface and Adapters Parts List

For further information regarding the installation of these LED Displays to your System 1 MPU Board using the System 1 Display Interface with the J2 and J3 Display Adapters…click on the link below.